We are KODE LOUNGE, a technology incubator.

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  • The Forefront of Technology

    We are a group of people passionate about technology. We explore, learn, master and apply technology to create simple solutions for complex problems.

  • Keen on User Centric Design

    We have very keen interest in building products which are focused on user centric design. Our applications not only look beautiful but they function beautifully!

  • Robust architecture

    KODE LOUNGE team is experienced in building product startups. Previously we have built multiple product startups and have had successful exits. We know how to build products with robust architecture and scale. Pragmatic engineering, careful design and disciplined coding are the keys to our success.


Kode Lounge is a technology incubator for a US based product company with a mandate to creating disruptive and groundbreaking products for the US healthcare sector. Its very first product under development replaces an arcane and manual process to create efficiencies, automation and transparency in a sub-sector that is in desperate want for such solution. This presents a unique yet, very challenging opportunity.

Why Us?

Kode Lounge is founded by serial entrepreneurs. It is funded by some very accomplished investors. Our teams in India and US have with many IPOs and M&A under their belt. This gives us strong experience to engineer and deliver products and solutions.

Our mission

We are passionate about creating solutions, building products and have a keen sense of functional design.
We are global in our outlook, swift & efficient in our delivery, creative in our temperament and competitive in our spirit. As a result, this is an environment that will breed success both collective and individual.

Join Us!

We are looking for passionate, determined & talented people who love technology products. If problem solving, coding, learning technology and applying your knowledge are the keywords to define you, then we are interested in talking to you!

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